Sales Lead Generation Intern (Remote)
Peer ratings based hiring

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highest pay
Sales Lead Generation Intern (Remote)

Peer ratings based hiring

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About the Job

Remote Sales Lead Generation Intern (Great for Students/Recent Graduates)
Teamanics - the Mechanics of Building Teams
Fremont, CA, 94538 (Remote)
Pay: $15-$20 per hour depending on experience
Work part-time: 15- 20 hours a week


Urgently Hiring!

Take your career to the next level! Bring your data entry and resourceful skills to a rapidly growing new career platform.

As a sales lead generation intern, you will research and add leads into SalesForce for our sales development representative to call. You will add leads across the US in some of the most competitive cities, such as San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

This internship will be a part-time sales lead generation position. It could become full-time and/or grow into a customer success, operations, or sales development rep position.

A great opportunity to join an innovative Silicon Valley startup without leaving your home anywhere in USA. Teamanics is a new service of Metabyte that is disrupting staffing agencies the way Expedia disrupted travel agencies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Prepare your target list of medical clinics, doctor offices, dental clinics, and more
  • Research sites like Indeed to find potential customers (small healthcare employers) and qualify them as solid leads for our sales rep to call
  • Create leads in SalesForce based off your research
  • Qualitatively analyze SalesForce graphs to understand sales trends
  • Collaborate with product and sales manager, customer success rep, and sales development rep to determine which territories to tackle
  • Report directly to founding product and sales manager

To be a rockstar intern:

  • Able to do high volume of data entry tasks with intellect
  • Resourceful and detail oriented traits are a must
  • Experience not required, but internship or academic experience doing high volume of quality data entry work (e.g. data entry or lead generation internships, teaching assistant in a university, etc) is a big plus
  • Comfortable with SalesForce/CRM or able to quickly learn SalesForce
  • Experience or knowledge of medical and/or staffing industry is a big plus, but not required
  • Computer literacy and business acumen
  • Plans and carries out responsibilities with minimal supervision and maximum accountability
  • Excited to be a part of an early stage silicon valley startup

About Teamanics

Teamanics is a peer ratings and AI based career platform that saves employers tremendous time from do-it-yourself recruiting. Job seekers love Teamanics because they move up or get hired quickly with peer ratings. Teamanics is a startup which has already helped thousands of job seekers and employers across the country.


highest pay
Teamanics - a New Career Platform

We go beyond a resume and use Teamanics to learn about candidates' strengths. Teamanics helps us meet candidates with the skills we need and the ones we believe.

Teamanics Peer Ratings

You rate your skills and traits, and then ask your peers to confirm your ratings.

Employers believe what others say about your strengths.

Ratings are Now a Part of Everyday Life

Start building your ratings at Teamanics today for this job and other jobs now and in the future.

Yelp for dining, TripAdvisor for travel, and now Teamanics for hiring!

Why Job-Seekers Love Teamanics

Your ratings stay with you and you build them over time. You can get hired on the spot, get paid more, or be considered for jobs you don't have experience for.

Worry Not

No one is perfect and gets high ratings on everything. Play to your strengths and be in jobs where you will thrive.

Ratings are of your skills and traits, not of you as a person.

Confidential and Private

Ratings are not for public view, and are only shown to employers when a job seeker is matched to a job. Raters cannot see your ratings from others. Job seekers see ratings in aggregate without knowing how an individual rated them. Raters can be blocked and you may opt out at any time.

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