Senior Medical Receptionist
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Senior Medical Receptionist

The next step in your healthcare career

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About the Job

Full-Time Senior Medical Receptionist
DrSnip - The Vasectomy Clinic
Seattle, WA
Salary: $24 an hour
Benefits: Stipend for medical/dental/401(k), PTO, professional growth & career development
Full-time schedule: Flexibility to work M-F, 8:30-5:00; some Saturdays, as needed.


Job Description Summary:

Seeking a full-time Senior Medical Receptionist to join a growing, friendly, and professional staff. The role is patient-facing and requires superior communication skills and medical knowledge. The Senior Medical Receptionist will lead a team that serves as a front line for patient interaction. The role also interacts with clinical teams to ensure all prospective and scheduled patients are well-attended to and receive the highest level of service. Medical Receptionists intake the patient, answer FAQs about the procedure and after-care instructions, obtain insurance information so that they can confirm reimbursement details, and schedule the patient for his appointment. By the end of each phone call, the Medical Receptionist ensures the patient has all the information he requires about his visit and an understanding of the next steps.

As part of a growing organization, this position also offers a qualified candidate a chance to expand their capabilities and progress with them. Candidates looking to prove their skills and naturally progress to new challenges within the organizations are encouraged to apply.

Work location: Multiple locations. Laurelhurst, downtown Seattle, and S. Puget Sound area. Training may be offsite.

Duties include:

  • Answer incoming calls promptly, professionally and cheerfully.
  • Discuss vasectomy with patients, including the procedure, other family planning options, and procedure preparation.
  • Attempt to answer all patient questions, deferring to a DrSnip doctor when appropriate.
  • Assist the patient in scheduling his visit while ensuring preparatory steps are fully communicated.
  • Maintain complete, accurate, and secure patient records, including PHI, patient interactions, and health insurance coverage.
  • Inquire about and note medically unique, or potentially complicated, cases; proactively bring them to the attention of the team.
  • Obtaining benefits quotes on patients’ behalf from their insurance companies and inform patients of coverage.
  • Assisting with other administrative tasks, as needed, and assuming additional leadership and managerial duties over time.

Requirements include:

  • Bachelor degree, associate degree at minimum. Additional healthcare certifications and experience are an asset.
  • 2+ years prior experience in the healthcare sector, in a patient-facing environment; medical clinic experience is preferred.
  • Familiarity with medical terminology and health insurance guidelines.
  • A natural cheerful and professional demeanor, with proven interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Computer proficiency, including the ability to type at least 60 wpm.
  • Natural attention to detail and superior organizational skills.
  • Able to work independently and within a team, with pride taken in supporting teammates.

The Organization:

Founded in 1987, DrSnip® is a mission-oriented vasectomy clinic that prioritizes a best-in-class patient experience and the highest degree of clinical care. Their team is passionate about providing superior service to patients and educating the public about vasectomy, as compared to other family planning options. Their mission is to make vasectomy simple, comfortable, and convenient for all that are considering family planning, and be a valued member of the local medical community.


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