Linux Engineer
at Samsung SDS!

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Linux Engineer

at Samsung SDS!

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About the Job
Samsung SDS, Mountain View, CA
Pay: $65/hr + benefits
Full-Time: Extendable contract offered by HR Partner (Metabyte)
Benefits: Health insurance (company pays part of the premium), sick leave

Job Description

Immediately hiring a Linux Engineer!

Samsung SDS is looking for a Linux Engineer who is committed to being a team player! This role is based in Mountain View, CA! Samsung SDS plays a leading role in the global market with unique logistics services. If you are self-motivated and can work with a cross-functional team, we want to hear from you!

As a Linux Engineer you will be responsible for managing, upgrading, configuring VMware and vCenter and supporting file storage appliances. Data Center or Server room experience is preferred!

SCROLL DOWN TO APPLY BELOW! You may learn more about us on our company website, but please do not call our office regarding job applications. #SDSAE1

Responsibilities for Linux Engineer

  • Rack, mount and lift physical equipment
  • Cable, label and maintain hardware inventory
  • Understand basic power input source and output to operating data center, server room, IDF and MDF
  • Operate, install, configure and troubleshoot all UPS and PDU related tasks
  • Maintaining network and storage to ESXi and vCenter
  • Maintain and monitor DRS & HA
  • Maintain templates and schedule backup using Veritas
  • Manage ESX servers and VMs in all sites
  • Build and set up Linux, VMware ESX and Windows
  • Set up and cable 1G/10G Ethernet/Fiber and 25G/40G InfiniBand patch and team up NICs
  • Set up and troubleshoot IPMI on HPE, Dell and Cisco server hardware
  • Troubleshoot network issues in physical and VM machines
  • Understand fundamental networking for TCP/IP and wireless and apply best practice
  • Strong understanding of client-server systems and applications
  • Strong knowledge in Wireshark, nslookup, dig, traceroute and other open source tools
  • Understand basic security framework and how to apply best practice
  • Familiarity with NetApp, QNAP, EMC or JBOD file servers
  • Understand and apply differences in RAID configuration
  • Set up and maintain CIFs file shares
  • Understand and apply inheritable and explicit permissions, ownership, NTFS and network and ACLs
  • Install and configure CentOS and Ubuntu in physical and VM servers
  • Troubleshoot network issues and security policies
  • Able bind and troubleshoot ldap using SSSD and samba

Requirements for Linux Engineer

  • Maintain Veeam Backup and Replication and ESET AV
  • Maintain hardware inventory and support renewal
  • 1 or 2 years of scripting language experience in bash, PowerShell or python
  • Participate on-call rotation
  • Maintain monitoring system
  • Able to lift 40 to 50lbs
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to travel if required
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to document process and policy
  • Strong team player
  • Extensive experience in the following:
    • Data center or server room, managing, upgrading and configuring VMware and vCenter, building and configuring physical servers, network and security, supporting Windows file servers and file storage appliances, supporting Linux
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Get Hired with Peer Ratings

Samsung SDS goes beyond a resume and uses Teamanics to learn about your strengths. Your peers confirm your strengths by giving ratings.

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